Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Great Movie Lines Regarding Writers

I'm a huge movie buff. I'm a writer. So I get really excited when I find something that blurs the edges. Seen a movie, not necessarily great, but with a really great line in regards to writers/writing/etc? Here's mine, from The Stepford Wives....
Husband to wife: "Did you finish the laundry?"
Wife reply (played by Bette Midler): "I finished a chapter."

LOL Sounds like dialogue from around my house! LOL

So, any of you have any lines to share?


Heather Diane Tipton said...

uh, yeah... probably... lol evidently not.

Camy Tang said...

No, no, no, it should be:

"Did you finish vacuuming the upstairs great room?"

"No, but I finished critting eleven manuscripts."


Robin Caroll said... husband's more impressed with the finishing the chapter than critting! LOL And I think he got burned out on my judging....entries were going to bed with us every night!

Ronie said...

Okay, Robin, I'm posting. STop pouting. Just remember--anyone else who reads this--I DO NOT read blogs...and I ABSOLUTELY do not post (this is just a pigment of your emancipation!!!).

For me...the line should have read:
DH: You ready for your tests after studying all day?
Me: Nope, but you should read this great scene I just wrote!

And my favorite line from a movie comes from the guy I DETEST the most in the entertainment industry-Tom Cruise- in the movie MI:2,
Ethan Hunt: (angry)Would it make you feel better if I didn't want you to do this? (using her for the agency)
Nyah Hall: Yeah, much!
EH: (shouting)Then feel better!

Still my favorite was so great. Others have tried to emulate it, but there was so much emotion behind it...sigh.

Robin Caroll said...

RONIE VISITED MY BLOG! I'm SO doing the snoopy dance. Shh...we won't tell anyone I goaded you into it!

Ron Estrada said...

No writing comments, but yesterday Kelly e-mailed me about her ice-cream lunch and said she was "all sugared up with nowhere to go." That went in the journal.

Robin Caroll said...

Ron, that's a good one! My daughter gave me one the other day.....she was describing a teacher (sheesh, hope none of them visit my blog! LOL) and she was describing a woman's eyes and she said "you know Mom, they were like weighted down with wrinkles"! I ran for my notebook! :)