Sunday, November 27, 2005

Back to Work!

I hope you all had a marvelous holiday! I'm so glad to be home! :) Being away from my computer really "ouched" me seriously! LOL

I did do SOME work while I was away....I plotted every scene from now until the end of my wip! Yes, me...the original SOTP writer PLOTTED out 2/3rds of a book! I'm impressed with myself. This one is just so complicated, I really had no other choice. I'm spending the day working on some paid crits, but plan to be back to work on my wip tomorrow morning...bright and early! :)


Heather Diane Tipton said...

wow I'm impressed! Good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great, Robin :)

Dorothy said...

That's wonderful, Robin! Nice blog, by the way!

Robin Caroll said...

Thanks, guys! It's hard for me to plot, but this complicated book which is stuck in my head has left me no other option. SIGH.

Hey, Dorothy! Thanks for the compliment and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)