Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Well, today I critted 3 chapters, 2 for the Critique Boutique and one for a partner. In my writing, here's what I accomplished:

Revisions to Denied Justice--
2254 words added to the revision total word count!

WIP Prowl of the Enemy--
1520 words written
Completed scene 48 out of a projected 75

Now....more crits landing in my box so tomorrow morning, I think I'll start with catching up on all those before I begin "my" writing time!

How are the rest of you coming along???????


Heather Diane Tipton said...

coming along... are we supposed to be doing that?? LOLOL I got all kinds of work done yesterday... but nothing that you would like LOL

Anonymous said...

Slow on my WIP. I'm going to force more writing time, however. On a positive note, I plotted most of the 100K words remaining.

Dana Pollard said...

I'm editing my finished product. It's not as bad as I thought earlier in the day yesterday. It's going fairly well. Which is good. I thought I'd end up with pages and pages of crap, but what I've written is staying...with moderate changes, of course.

I'm still waiting for my CP to email my first 10 pages back to me for a contest... the agony! hehe

Jeff said...

robin- What on earth do you do with all your "free time?" LOL
I'm presently revising one of my short stories. :)

Lynetta said...

I wish I were as productive as you! But, I am coming along nicely with Christmas preparations, LOL.

You've inspired me... I've set a 1,000 word goal for my WIP chapter tomorrow.


Camy Tang said...

I did research for my next WIP. It was FUN seeing as how I'm researching spas. {dreamy sigh}

Working on crits tonight.

You're so fast. I hope one of those chapters was mine. ;)

Dineen A. Miller said...

Oh, those pesky crits. LOL! I have a few I need to get done tomorrow, including one of yours, I see! Busy, busy, busy!

Robin Caroll said...

Sounds like everyone is making progress. Good job to you all!

Anonymous said...

That's great, Robin.

My wip is going well thus far (knock on wood) :)