Sunday, January 15, 2006

More Title Help

Okay....I need titles for the two other books in the series behind SMOLDERING are the summaries for them:

Book Two--Emily Grantham's joy over the new-found success of her art career is quashed when she begins receiving hate mail. As the fanatic's efforts to harass her escalate into stalking, Emily turns to her brother, Detective Jared Grantham. When Jared leaves on his honeymoon, his new brother-in-law, Adam Shannon, steps in to safeguard Emily. As the danger and terror increases, Emily begins to wonder if she and Adam will survive, or if the "fan" will kill Adam and claim her as his artistic partner in life and death.

Book Three--Heading off to college, Anna Collins believes she has the world by the tail. Thrilled at the prospect of being away from her mother and new step-father, Anna shows her independence and defiance by joining a cult. When she realizes the mistake she's made, she turns to Rafe Hamm, son of the detective who worked on her father's murder case. As things heat up and time runs short, will Rafe be able to extricate Anna before the cult marks her as their own?

I'd like to continue on the play on words with temperatures and along the same "theme-ish".

Okay....suggestions, please?


c.rooney said...

These are more weather terminology than temperature, but maybe they'd work.

"Artistic High" for the second one? It could play the rush the fan gets from the artist and stalking her. (Connecting back to the first one as Smoldering being hot and high being the hottest the day gets?)

"Religious Front" for the third, as a cult deals with religion/belief and the front is the system moving in...ok maybe it's not. But if the detective has to pose as cult member, it could create a fun double-meaning.

Dana Pollard said...

C.Rooney, do you do this for a living? hehe These are good titles!

Robin, go with the above.

:-)Ronie said...

On book two, you could keep it simple: HATE MAIL. Or maybe not. LOL

For book three, how about Cult Fiction. Okay, bad joke. That's what you get for calling me this morning. *grin* What about Altar Ego? okay, can we tell my brain is fried today. i'd better scamper back into my hole before I hurt somebody. LOL

c.rooney said...

Cult Fiction is an excellent title!

Ok, maybe not the most appropraite for this book, but still funny.

Dana, LOL, it's easy when it's not MY manuscript.

Amy Rebecca said...

Wow girl, love your blog. Really puts you in the mood to read some great suspense. Congrats on finishing your revisions. Good Luck!!!

CHickey said...

Finding a title is the hardest! Next to a short blurb! The suggestions by C. Rooney are great.

Lynetta said...

The plot summaries sound terrific! I don't have any clever suggestions, but I *am* looking forward to buying them and reading them someday! :-)
You'll make it...hang in there!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Stream of thought:



Chilling Picture
Chilled Identity
Burning Images
Frozen Portrait

Branded Faith
Burning Beliefs
Tepid Memories

Ok, brain hurts. Somebody take the ball here. LOL!

Shesawriter said...

I'd help, but I'm completely HORRIBLE at titles, Robin. LOL!


Robin Caroll said...

Running with D's train of about these for the second book....

Chilling Masterpiece
Frozen Masterpiece
Simmering Masterpiece

And I really like Burning Beliefs for the last book.


:-)Ronie said...

I like Burning Beliefs...but does fire play into that? What does the burning refer to?? Regardless, I like that one. LOL

I like Chilling Masterpiece.

c.rooney said...

I like Burning Images, probably because I connect stalking as more of a "hot" emotional crime than a "cold" one.

But that makes Burning Beliefs sound repetitive instead of thematic since the first book isn't Burning Ice.

I was thinking Branded Faith, but a "brand" is a business's identity so it might come off as a book about commercialized religion.

KT said...

Another vote on Burning Images. or Burning Icons. Because it links to the iconoclast and stuff, and also fire sacrifices. Or maybe effigies?

I keep wanting to suggest something on flames for the second one, but that's just my geeky use of the term flames to mean hatemail. But I'm not sure it's a well known enough term outside the internet.

'Blinding Heat' comes to mind for some reason. Or something linking to the idea of seeing red.