Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lost in NashVegas....Rachel Hauck

Today I'm honored to host an interview with Rachel Hauck, and her new book, Lost in NashVegas!

Hi, Rachel! Thanks for taking the time to drop by and answer a few questions for us!

Robin: Is there any one person (aside from agent/editor) who has helped your career? Tell us about that person.

RH: Great questions. I love to mention the people who've helped me. I have two main "mentors." First was Lynn Coleman, a fellow Floridian, whom I met at the Blueridge Writer's Conference. She came up with a series idea for Heartsong and invited me to write with her. My first book was Lambert's Pride co-written with Lynn.

The second great influence in my life is Colleen Coble. Colleen has been my cheerleader and friend for several years, and actively opened doors for me in the
publishing world. I'm honored to know her and grateful for all she's done.

Everyone's journey to publishing is different. For me, God brought Colleen and Lynn. I have to say, directly after I prayed for help and guidence.

Robin: How do you juggle life/deadlines/Presidency of ACFW?

RH - The key word being juggle. Good question, Robin, 'cause I'm about to make some schedule changes and rearrange my priorities. Mainly, I know what has to be
done and when, so I work my life around the schedule.

I don't believe even the most artsy person can accomplish anything without a schedule. Even a loose one. And make a determination to keep it as best as

I don't let myself be run by the tyranny of the urgent.

Robin: What's one thing most people don't know about you?

RH - Most people? Let's see... I was friends with my husband for three years before he asked me to marry him. During the whole time, God was telling me I was
going to marry him (which is so weird) and Tony felt God was telling him we were to only be friends. Turns out, we were both right. We are best friends and married.

But what a strange journey! God is so good, though. :)

Robin: If you could stress only one take-away factor from your book to a reader, what would it be?

RH - Pray hard and go for your dreams.

Robin: If you could trail any person alive today for just one day, who would you follow and why?

RH - President Bush. I'd love to see the inside of his job. I'd love to offer him a few of my opinions. LOL.

Robin: Thanks again for dropping by, Rachel! For all you readers out there, look for my review of Lost in NashVegas later this month!

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Wonderful interview, Robin. :-)