Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog Tour

Hey, y’all! I’m pleased to announce my blogtour promoting the release of my first book, BAYOU JUSTICE. Please drop by the following blogs and visit a bit!

Oct 1 Ronie Kendig will be reviewing Bayou Justice on her blog http://supernaturalcraving.blogspot.com/

Oct 2 Heather Diane Tipton will host me on her blog as I discuss my spiritual journey http://heatherdianetipton.blogspot.com

Oct 3 Camy Tang hosts me as I discuss southern cooking and how I used that to “flavor” the setting of Bayou Justice http://camys-loft.blogspot.com/

Oct 4 Linda Fulkerson will interview me on her blogs http://linesfromlinda.com and http://fictionfundamentals.com

Oct 5 Girls Write Out is hosting me and allowing me to gab with the girls on their blog http://girlswriteout.blogspot.com

Oct 6 Cara Putnam is featuring me on her blog http://carasmusings.blogspot.com

Oct 7 Ane Mulligan will host me on her blog www.anemulligan.blogspot.com

Oct 8 Cynthia Hickey is featuring me on her blog http://cynthiahickey.blogspot.com/

Oct 9 Dineen Miller hosts me on her blog http://dineenmiller.blogspot.com/

Oct 10 Novel Journey is interviewing me www.noveljourney.blogspot.com

Oct 11 Pam Meyers will feature me on her blog http://pammeyerswrites.blogspot.com/

Oct 12 Tracey Aaron (best bud extraordinaire) will feature me on her space! http://blog.myspace.com/traceygayle

Oct 13 Sabrina Fox-Butcher is hosting me on her blog www.sabrinalfox.blogspot.com

Oct 14 Pammer James is featuring me on her blog http://pammer.blogspot.com/

Oct 15 Cheryl Wyatt is hosting me on her blog http://scrollsquirrel.blogspot.com/

Oct 16 Hope Chastain is interviewing me on her blog http://www.faithwebbin.net/share/authors

Oct 17 Tiff Stockton is interviewing me on her blog www.shoutlife.com/AmberMiller

I’d love it if you’d visit me on these blogs!


Heather Diane Tipton said...

Gosh, that sounds like such a rocking blog tour... you must have had someone brilliant set it up for you! :o)

Brittanie said...

Sure but he bites when you don't pet him enough in the right way. lol :)

C. Gwynn said...

Wow, an awesome blog tour!