Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bayou Book Two--SOLD!!!

WOO HOO! I'm so pleased to announce that my wonderful editor over at Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense called my awesome agent yesterday with a contract offer on the second book in my bayou series! Tenatively titled BAYOU CORRUPTION is the sequel to BAYOU JUSTICE, and will be released in March 2008! WOO HOO

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Interview with Trish Perry

Welcome to Robin's Writing World, Trish. I'm so glad you could drop by and visit with us. Congratulations on the release of TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Thanks, Robin! The new release is a thrill. And thanks for this interview.

My questions are a bit off the "beaten path" of a blog tour, but I'd like people to get to know another side of you. LOL

Excellent! I’m getting really sick of me, I must admit.

Give me three adjectives that describe your heroine.

Vulnerable, fallible, and lovable.

If you could sum up the theme of your book in one sentence, what would it be?
It would be a miracle, but I’ll try anyway.

Theme of Too Good to Be True: Sometimes we shake our fists and stomp our feet, wondering how some events are in our best interests; but God smiles indulgently and often demonstrates that He meant it when He promised to prosper us and give us hope and a future.

Tell me your hero's man quirk.
He has to be in control of his family—not the one he hasn’t yet created, with his own wife and children, but his parents’ family. His dad is more absent than present, his mother enjoys letting her son run the show, and Tru (our hero) acts as the head of the family even though he hasn’t lived with them for years. It never even occurs to him to let go.

Now, let's switch to the author for a moment. . . you knew I'd get there, right? LOL Every author puts a little bit of themselves into their main character--what of you is in your character, and which character?

Our heroine Ren’s smart mouth is my smart mouth. She doesn’t set out to hurt anyone—most of her sarcasm is self-targeted, as is mine. Ren typically keeps her cynical thoughts to herself, but when pushed to that breaking point, she lets fly with some troublemaking comments. I have a bit of experience in that department.

And that theme I mentioned above, about God’s plans for us? Ren grapples with accepting His will, constantly feeling she needs to help Him figure things out. I identify with her struggle there.

Share with us your thoughts on where you see CBA publishing heading in the next 2-5 years.
I see a real marketing challenge for CBA fiction. I think many Christian readers feel they should be reading strictly nonfiction, because the general aim of Christian nonfiction is for the reader to learn more about serving God, pleasing Him, being the Christian He wants her to be. The flip side of that belief system is that fiction—even inspirational fiction—is purely for entertainment and escape from our great purpose in life. But the email I get from my fiction readers tells me that inspirational fiction—even inspirational chick lit—can be thought provoking, inspirational, moving, convicting, and edifying to the reader.

So I see the need for the marketing to play up the fact that inspirational fiction is more than fun—it can serve an eternal purpose, just as inspirational nonfiction does. If that message can be expressed more powerfully, I see Christian fiction exploding in popularity over the next few years. I’m praying to that end!

If you could get just one fan letter from a reader, what would it say and why?
Wow, Robin, I decided to go back and find a real fan letter which particularly touched me, and I got all caught up in them.

Those which are the greatest blessing are the ones in which the writer sees how the book relates to real life, like this one:

I absolutely loved The Guy I'm Not Dating! I found myself in tears from laughing so hard. At the same time, I really appreciated the core values of the book. As a youth leader, I was really touched by Rachelle and the impact Kara and Ren had on her. Rachelle reminded me of so many of the girls in my youth group. They really do pay a lot more attention than we sometimes give them credit for.

Okay, lastly, I have to say that Aunt Addie was my absolute favorite of all the characters. Great job and I can't wait for Ren's story to come out!

I love the fact that she enjoyed the characters and the story, but I’m especially blessed that she took something away that might edify her mission for Christ. That’s great stuff!

Writers talk all the time about the growth of a writer. . . what aspect of your writing, in your own opinion, would you most like to improve on?

I’d like to delve deeper into my characters for my readers. Chick lit authors walk a fine line there, because the books mustn’t be too heavy, but they still need to be more than a simple boy meets girl, girl breaks nail and falls apart, boy assures girl she’s still a fox, girl feels fulfilled until she gets a blemish on her nose. I know that’s an exaggeration, but we chick lit gals are required to not get too Anna Karenina on anyone. So I’d like to develop further the happy mix of light and deep.

Thanks so much for dropping by, Trish. It's been a fun interview!

Monday, March 12, 2007


My good buddy, Ron, is walking for the cure! What an awesome good event to help out. If you'd like more information or would like to pledge, please visit: This Link

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Going Home

It's amazing how much can be accomplished when God shows up. Yes, I believe He was with the ACFW board in our meetings this weekend. Guiding us. Loving us. Leading us. I look back over the agenda and see that everything the board needed to decide on and plan, we did. Every single item. Awesome. Seven different, yet strong personalities merged together to conduct the business at hand and got every issue dealt with. So much ready...so much planned for the conference. I'm just so thrilled with the outcomes. For you ACFW members, start watching the website at www.acfw.com in the next couple of weeks and see what conference information is posted. I'm so excited about the plans we made.

Now that our business is concluded, today we must all return home. We'd appreciate prayers for safe travels.

Catch y'all back home.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

DESPITE what my board says...

We're having a lot of fun. Sure, we've had a LOT on our agenda....but you know what, it's been SO productive so far. These board members ROCK! We roll up our sleeves and get done what needs to be...every one prayerfully considering our decisions as we hash out conference plans, agendas, and get the business done. We work really well together and I'm so pumped about what we've accomplished so far.

But since Ane and Pam believe I'm such a taskmasker, why don't they pop up and share the story of our SHUTTLE VAN??????? lol Oh, yeah, it's definitely showing up in a book somewhere along the way! LOL

Thursday, March 08, 2007

At The Board Meeting

Hello, all. Here I am, at the hotel hosting the ACFW board meeting. Very nice place and great food. Today, the rest of the board arrives and we'll start out meeting this afternoon. Lots on our schedule to complete. Conference stuff. Board stuff. I'm excited. Our group is working well together and I know we'll accomplish all we set out to do here. Would appreciate whispered prayers as the rest of the board travels and that God lead us to conduct what HE wants from our conference.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Board Meeting

Hey, y'all! Didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you! Been having ISP probs...UGH. But tomorrow morning, I leave bright and early for the ACFW board meeting. I'm pretty excited. We have a lot, and I stress the word LOT, of work to get done, but I'm looking forward to it. Getting away and getting to be ME instead of wife or mommy for several days is VERY enticing! LOL And getting to plan the conference and schedule. Fun work. And of course, getting to hang out with other writers is always fun.

I'll ask for prayers for the travel mercies for the entire board, as well as prayers that God's will be done in our meetings.

I'll try and post from the hotel. But I might be having too much fun! :)

Catch y'all next week!