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Bayou Corruption Reviews

Here are the first couple of reviews on BAYOU CORRUPTION....

Reporter Jackson Devereaux is in Cajun country doing undercover work for his best friend, the sheriff, who suspects smuggling. Reporter Alyssa LeBlanc is there too, and they join forces to find the truth. It's not easy, especially for Alyssa, who has emotional conflicts that must be conquered. Robin Carroll's Bayou Corruption (4) is a quick story with a riveting conclusion. —Robin Taylor, Romantic Times Magazine

Robin Caroll
Love Inspired Suspense
ISBN: 0-373-44279-3
February 2008
Christian Fiction - Category Romance

Jackson Deveraux arrived in Louisiana to assist his friend the sheriff in discovering whoʼs behind money drops on the bayou. However, Jackson is unable to save his friend when heʼs left for dead and slips into a coma. Now all he can do is try to finish the investigation they had started and hopefully find out who hurt his friend. He never expects Alyssa LeBlanc, the woman who found his buddy and possibly saved his life. Nor does he expect the feelings she inspires.

Alyssa LeBlanc had hoped to never return to her hometown, but when her grandmother is put in the hospital she knows she must. Then she has an accident while on the way to her grandmotherʼs house and sees what she thinks is trash thrown from a car, but soon discovers it is actually the sheriff, left for dead. Soon Alyssa finds herself in the midst of an investigation, one that may uncover secrets from her past she had hoped to never face again, as well as being forced to be in the company of a man she hates, namely Jackson. Soon Alyssa must face the truth about her faith, and her life. She may not be prepared for what she uncovers, hidden deep within the bayou, nor may she be ready to lead the way to that truth.

BAYOU CORRUPTION follows BAYOU JUSTICE, and is just as wonderful as Ms. Carollʼs previous story. If you have not read BAYOU JUSTICE you can follow BAYOU CORRUPTION easily enough however you will want to rush out and get that story. Ms. Caroll has written a story that is sure to touch readers on many levels, the spiritual journey that Alyssa faces is one that is sure to move readers to tears. The suspense that is found within BAYOU CORRUPTION will leave you quickly turning pages eager to find out how things will end, but also sad to see that conclusion come. The characters are realistic and will soon find their way into your heart. This is a series that is sure to find its way onto many readerʼs keeper shelves. I highly recommend BAYOU JUSTICE to everyone. I can hardly wait for more of Ms. Carollʼs work and am eager to see what the future holds for these characters, itʼs sure to be thrilling.

I want to add an extra side note; this story came at a time when I truly needed to be reminded that God can handle all the struggles we cannot, I also want to add that readers in need of a gentle reminder to hand our cares over to him will find in BAYOU CORRUPTION a message that is sure to reach your soul. --Reviewed by Wendy Keel
Rating 4 ½ , Romance Readers Connection

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