Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm Sad...and Angry

Today in Little Rock, a local news anchor woman died, following a beating she received in her home--IN BED. Her mother got worried when she didn't answer her wake-up call Monday morning and found her. BEATEN and left for dead. This young, beautiful woman had someone visciously attack her in her own home, where people should feel the safest, and now she's died. It's a tragedy. And I'm outraged that these things happen. I'm appalled the police have no leads. My heart aches for this woman's parents. And it's hard not to cry when I turn on the news. Yes, things like this happen every day, but are we so desensitized to all the violence until it happens close to home? I stopped watching the news for a year because it broke my heart to see all the pain and suffering occuring in the world today. People, it's time for us, as Christians, to come together and pray for our nation. No matter our political views . . . no matter our stand on abortion or taxes or the financial crisis or the war. PEOPLE matter. How many times do we read a story in the paper and tsk over the horror, but move on to another cup of coffee? How many times do we pass the man on the street--you know the one, he's holding the "will work for food" sign--and feel pity, but keep on walking to that 50% off sale at our favorite store? We don't do anything. We don't do enough. And tragedy occurs. Travesties run rampant. Well, no longer will I sit idly by. I can't ignore the pain in the world today. Starting now, I will dedicate to pray for our nation, and ALL people. I will try to reach out to those I see with a need I can fill. I will practice random acts of kindness EVERY DAY. And I will remember Anne Pressley and the appalling attack that took this young woman's life.

What about you?

What will you do?

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