Monday, September 28, 2009

ACFW Conference Reflections...AND PICTURES

I arrived home safe and sound, but exhausted. Am beginning to already work on the 2010 conference. Whew! It's a constant. But I think there was something special about this past conference. The feeling. The fellowship. Everything.

I wasn't able to take many pictures, but would like to share a few that I did manage to get:

Karen Ball and Julie Gwinn, from B&H Publishing during their class

Me with a sweet and talented lady, Tosca Lee, also a member of the B&H family

Me with Kim Moore from Harvest House. Kim is such a sweet, sweet lady

Buds after the banquet: me, Dineen Miller, Ronie Kendig, Sara Mills...all my great friends, fabulous ladies, and very talented hanging out with these gals

Me and Sara Mills, who cracks me up. Had a blast with her.

Me and Pam Hillman, my roomie and good friend. She's an awesome brainstorming partner, too! Not so great with turning on the shower or using the ironing board, though. LOL :D

Me and the brilliant Appointment Coordinator, Wanda Dyson, who is also a very dear friend and gifted writer

Me and Kat...web guru, good friend, and normally stuck "behind the scenes"

And last but not least, with Sydney Wiley, our amazing conference planner and my good friend.

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Dineen A. Miller said...

Awesome pics, girlie! I can't believe it's over already. Miss you!