Friday, October 16, 2009

Traveling Book

A fun game that I'd like many readers to become involved with. I expect it'll be fun and isn't a run-of-the-mill way to get others involved in books you read and enjoy. I've named this game the "Traveling Book." Here's how it works: Traveling books are very special...they are free books, left in random places for readers to enjoy. All we ask is that once you've finished reading the book, you log in the information below, then leave the book elsewhere to be enjoyed by another reader. It's that simple. For participating, each person's email address is entered to win
random contests throughout the year.

Sound fun? I'm testing the game before the "official" launch of the game on my site, so if you're interested in taking one of my books that I'll send you to leave somewhere in your town (a doctor's office, hair salon, food court, local restaurant, dentist office, child care/school, a friend's house where you play Bunko, the local fire department, etc. ), all I need is your snail mail address to send you a book. I have a limited amount of books, so it will be on a first-reply, first-receive basis. If you're interested, go to my website and click on the TRAVELING BOOK page and fill out the form, but under COMMENTS, leave your snail mail address. THIS IS NOT VISIBLE TO ANYONE BUT ME. You can leave all fields blank except your name, email address, and your mailing address in the comments. It's that simple!

So, let's play. Come join in the game!

**Update: I've received all the requests I can handle at this time. Thanks.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

New FTC Book Reviews Blogger News

So most everyone has heard about the new rules by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). If not, go read it here

My thoughts? Are you kidding me? Seriously? If someone sends me a copy of their book and I read it & like it and post a review, I need to make a note that I was given a free copy? Are you serious? What kind of nonsense is this? Hasn't the best promotions been word of mouth recommendations? If I read something and like it, blog or post about my thoughts of it, that's my business. That's my first amendment right to state my opinion. Doesn't mean anybody has to agree with me. Doesn't mean anybody has to run out and buy a book because I liked it. Just means that's my opinion. ]

Forgive me, but what's next? We must "disclose" to our family & friends if we receive a free book, love it, and verbally recommend it?


So, what are YOUR thoughts?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Enormity of Chapter One

As I begin writing the sample chapters for my new proposal, I did my research...I did my character sketches...I did my setting map. I knew what needed to be told in the prologue--wrote that, rewrote that, rewrote it again, sent to cps and 1st readers, got great suggestions (gotta LOVE cps--mine rock), revised, edited, and finally called said prologue complete. Whew! Got past that "starting a new book" hurdle, right? Wrong.

Wrote 4 pages on chapter one. Read. Tweaked. Let sit overnight. Reread this morning. "Select All" then "Delete." Why? Hated it. And realized, prologue or not, the "starting a new book" hurdle begins on the line following "Chapter One." Don't know why, but it's there. The block. The seeing the story in my head like a movie, but not knowing what should end up on the cutting room floor.

So, readers, in stories that you love, the ones you'll reread, the ones you tell your friends about...what do YOU like to see in the beginning chapter??? Share thoughts, please. You can email me privately if you'd prefer not to post a comment, or like some of you, don't have a posting account. But please do answer...I really want to know how it differs from what I look for.