Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Baby Name Survey Book

It's a question every novelist will ask...what to name a character. Authors want names that will fit into the ethnic background of the character they've created, but selecting a character's name is as important as selecting your child's name. Enter this book...

The Baby Name Survey Book by Lansky & Sinrod.

Not only does it give each name's origin, it also gives the description of what people imagine when they hear the name. Pretty cool, huh? Let's see....

Looked up my name in the book. Here's what it states:
ROBIN, Robyn (Old English); forms of Roberta
IMAGE: Though the name is often used for boys, a girl named Robin is described as petite, pretty, talented, interesting, and snobby.
Famous Robins: comic actor Robin Williams; legendary hero Robin Hood; robin redbreast, the bird; actresses Robyn Douglass, Robin Givens

Pretty slick, eh?

I use this book on naming every character in every book I write. Names are important...shouldn't you know what people think when they hear the name?

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