Monday, January 18, 2010

Child Trafficking Statistics

I'm heartbroken about the tragedy in Haiti. Have been making donations and praying for those poor people. But I'm just as heartbroken about the tragedy that occurs every single day...child trafficking.

When doing research for my book, DELIVER US FROM EVIL, I was appalled at the statistics of child trafficking in the United States. This is happening RIGHT UNDER AMERICANS' NOSES!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to read some staggering statistics? Visit the data sheet by the Polaris Project.

What can we do? The first step is awareness. I hope that I help bring the tragedy to people's attention in my book, DELIVER US FROM EVIL. The second step is to learn the facts. I've been trying to post up information and links regarding facts on my blog during January, since it's Human Trafficking Prevention Month. The third step is GET INVOLVED. You can find information on how you can get involved in various ways by visiting the organizations I've featured on my blog this month.

Together, Americans can make a difference in the fight against child trafficking!

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