Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Fear No Evil Trailer


Michael Ehret said...

Girl, bring it! Absolutely! Yeeha!

Rel said...

Great trailer and with a little surprise at the end ;-)

Dineen A. Miller said...

Love it! Is that the new Panthera tattoo I caught a glimpse of? :-)

Brad Huebert said...

Okay, that's spectacular. Love it.

Loretta Boyett said...

Fantastic, Robin.

Robin Caroll said...

Thanks, all!

Mike, well, in this book as was in Deliver Us From Evil, there IS a possibility you'll want to smack me! LOL

Rel, I was so tickled they used your endorsement! :)

D, yeah....what'd you think?

Brand, thanks. Greg Pope ROCKS! (he's the trailer designer)

Loretta, thanks. I was beyond thrilled with it.