Friday, June 04, 2010

FRIDAY edition of getting to know the thriller 4

Yes, it's finally Friday! Want to know what's happening with the four authors heading out on the thriller tour in THREE WEEKS? I snuck in their midst and cornered all four to ask my nosey questions. Here's what went down:

Posed to Jim Rubart: You have a wife and children, and a full time job. How do you balance everything?
Jim: I bent the laws of quantum mechanics and added three extra hours to every day.

Hey! I want to know THAT secret!

Posed to Robin Caroll: You're a wife, mother, about-to-be grandmother, and conference director for do you turn out so many books a year?
Robin: I have a very supportive family and I've been blessed with the gift of being able to write fast. Especially under deadline.

Good answer! :)

Posed to Brandilyn Collins: You've co-authored with your daughter on a series. Tell us a little about that process.
Brandilyn: It was a fun three-book project. We developed the concept for the Rayne Tour series together, based on the 16-year-old daughter of a rock star. I taught Amberly about characterization, and she and I developed the characters. We plotted the stories together. I wrote the books and Amberly edited to make sure the 16-year-old point of view for the protagonist was right on. All three books are now on shelves. Always Watching and Last Breath came out last year, and Final Touch was just released. This is an exciting, suspenseful series for teenagers, yet it’s gratifying to see how many adults are reading it too. I’ve received many letters saying that two to three generations in a family are all enjoying the books.

That's very cool!

Posed to Tosca Lee: You're co-authoring a series with Ted Dekker. Can you share some of what that's like?
Tosca: Co-authoring in general causes you to think long and hard about your strengths and weaknesses as an author. And to learn to trust another writer enough to let them see your stuff at its most raw, most ugly. You really have to set aside ego. Writing with Ted specifically, I am so impressed with how he constantly thinks of his readers as he's writing.

Wow, I'm impressed.

For more about these authors, and their tour updates, don't forget to check back tomorrow!

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