Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting to Know Those Thriller Authors

So....I've been having fun hijacking Robin's blog to talk about those 4 zany thriller authors going on that tour. Today, I'm getting back on track about writing, and asking these authors about that. Don't forget to keep watching for updates on the tour...for instance, little hint here: On Friday, June 25th, you can find our thriller 4 at Anchor Christian Store in Arnold, MO.

Now, on to the question of the day...

In your writing journey, what is the ONE thing you would change if you could?

Robin: I would have pursued my dream YEARS earlier. I wrote my first full-length "book" back when I was 19. I waited until I was in my 30s to get serious about writing fiction for publication.

Brandilyn: I’d write much faster and far more brilliantly since day one. How about that?

Jim: I would go back in time and start earlier.

Tosca: I wish I had had the foresight to start my second and third novels before selling my first.

Now, because I know how y'all like personal stuff mixed in with writing stuff...tell me who this is:

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