Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Getting to Know the Thriller Four

Whew, glad Robin couldn't find me when she realized I'd been jacking her blog. Oh, well....she'll get over it.

Or not.

On with getting to know the thriller 4 touring authors:

Best thing about being an author?

Jim: The dream of my life came true.
Tosca: Meeting readers. Connecting with people through story. Getting to uh, kill people on the page. Wait, I didn't say that.
Robin: Living my dream of telling stories. And not having to get dressed to work. Loving what I do. And getting to kill people.
Brandilyn: 1. I have the perfect excuse to talk to myself—I’m conversing with characters. 2. I can work at home, in my jammies if I want. 3. My lovely readers! (Who are naturally the most intelligent people on earth.)

LOL...poor Jim. I feel for you, bud. Sounds like you'll have to watch your back on that tour with those 3 ladies!

Another tour mention: Join the authors on July 1st in Philly at the Borders store for a signing! You don't want to miss meeting these four!

Stay tuned for more details....


Gracie Bea Winterton said...

Awesome! What I want to know is, did each know the other had said 'killing people'? ;-)

Robin Caroll said...

Funny Each author was interviewed individually, so no sharing of answers. LOL