Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting to Know The Thriller Tour Authors

Robin's buzzing around, packing and stuff for the tour, so she doesn't mind me posting on her behalf. I have to say, it was more fun when she threatened me all the time. :)

Here is some insight as to what's happening in the future for these authors:

What's on the horizon for Brandilyn Collins? More suspense novels are contracted. Plus teaching at writers’ conferences and doing some keynote talks at conferences. In other words, pretty much more of the same. Oh, yes—and selling a million copies of my Lyme novel, Over the Edge.

What's on the horizon for Jim Rubart? For the past few years I've been moving toward helping more authors and publishers with their marketing. I see myself going deeper into those areas as well as speaking more often about setting people free to step into their divine design.

What's on the horizon for Robin Caroll? More romantic suspense novels, playing with my soon-to-arrive grandson, directing the ACFW conference, and enjoying the life God has blessed me with.

What's on the horizon for Tosca Lee?

Wow, these four give us all something to look forward to. Don't forget to follow these authors on their tour. Robin will be blogging about the experience here, so stay tuned.

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Dineen A. Miller said...

Awesome post! Loving these details! So excited for your tour!