Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting to Know the Zany Thriller Tour Authors

Diving right into some insight into Robin Caroll, Brandilyn Collins, Tosca Lee, and Jim Rubart...

How many books do you read a month?

I can only read in bed before going to sleep. Or on the plane when traveling. Wish I could read more during the day. Still, I probably go through 8-10 novels a month.

I always have around seven books going at the same time … so I'm not sure.

I speed read, so I normally read 20 or so fiction novels a month.

I'm a very slow reader. For pleasure? Maybe only 2-3. Okay, I'm lying so I sound like a good person. Maybe one.

Keep tuned in for more about these authors and thriller 4 tour!

1 comment:

Rel said...


I'm with you, Robin :)

Jim - 7 at a time! My word, not something I can wrap my brain around ;-)

Brandilyn ~ aside from in a car, I can read anywhere. If only I had the time.

Tosca ~ as long as you're writing you don't have to read a thing as far as I'm concerned ;-)

Thanks for sharing