Monday, June 07, 2010

Monday Edition...Getting To Know the Thriller 4

Happy Monday. yeah, I know. Me too. But, the good news is Robin's so busy preparing for the upcoming thriller tour that I'm still able to hack into her blog. :) Without further ado, here's a little more insight into these fun, wacky, and talented authors!

Favorite authors?
Jim: C.S. Lewis, John Eldredge
Brandilyn: Dean Koontz. Somebody named Brandilyn Collins. (Well, if I don’t love my own work, who will?!)
Tosca: Three fourths of my friends are writes. Are you trying to get me killed??
Robin: Stephen King. Colleen Coble. Oh, and these three other writers...uh, Brandilyn Seatbelt or something?...Tosca Havah, I think?...Jim Rooms, maybe? LOL

Cute. Real cute.

Hey, did you know that on July 1st, these authors will be at a signing at B&N in Philly? Oh, yeah. Stay tuned for more updates!


James L. Rubart said...

Have you had that new Tosca Havah coffee? It's all the rage in Seattle right now.

Robin Caroll said... DOES sound like a coffee blend, doesn't it?! LOL