Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Personal Insight into the Thriller Authors

Let's jump right on into the questions...(Robin's getting a bit irritated at my jacking her blog)

You have a husband, children, serve on the ACFW advisory board, are on faculty at Mt. Hermon, and the list goes on and do you balance everything?
Brandilyn: God, focus, and setting priorities. And allowing myself to be a little imbalanced now and then.

Writing can be a lonely do you balance that?
Tosca: Social media goes a long way, especially when you can't leave the house (or don't want to, because you haven't bathed in days--I mean, rhetorically-speaking.) I love being able to keep in touch with friends and interact with readers that way.

What are your thoughts on bad reviews?
Jim: They can sting, but if you want to sell books, controversy is a good thing. And a writer learns more from bad reviews than the good ones.

How do you stay focused when on deadline?
Robin: I have amazing family who keeps me on task, and crit partners & accountability partners who know to keep pushing. That's motivation! lol

Check back to find out more about these authors and their tour!

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