Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Personal Questions for the Thriller Tour Authors

Okay, so now I wanted to know some different things about these four. This is what I found out:

If you had to categorize your writing, how would you?
Jim Rubart: Wow, great question. It's been tough to define my writing as it doesn't fit into any pre-defined genre. Supernatural suspense, some romance, some C.S. Lewis, some magic realism … I had one friend say, "I finally know what genre you're writing in, it's the same one as The Shack. No, I'm not sure what genre that is either.

You've written about a demon, Eve, and are about to tackle Judas Iscariot. What draws you to write about such biblical characters?
Tosca Lee: These are the characters most often portrayed two-dimensionally... but who must--absolutely must--be among the most complex characters in the Bible. I contend that we are all Clay and we all have a choice. We are all Eve, and we all choose wrong. We are all Judas, and betray our God.

Tell us a little about your stage experience.
Brandilyn Collins: I started acting in plays in junior high, continued in high school and completed all the classes for a drama major in college. (Then I switched to a journalism major.) When I was 17 I toured the country with a drama troupe all summer. Ah, those were the days…

How important is the faith element in your books?
Robin Caroll: Vital. But I don't "plot" my faith elements. I don't even have one before I start writing. I pray for God to give me the spirit arc for each story. Sometimes I get lucky and He gives it to me on that first page. Sometimes, I don't get it until midway through the book. (Those are the times that He's using the story to deal with me on an issue! LOL)

What insight to all four. Stay tuned for more chances to get to know these authors!

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Dineen A. Miller said...

Very cool. Love reading about you guys. :-)