Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thriller Tour Part 2--ICRS

I LOVED ICRS. Here's some of my highlight reel:
1) My "handler" dumped me TWICE for Ted Dekker....(she STILL owes me a DP for that)...thank you RONIE for stepping in! :)

2) Karen Ball is awesome during a signing. (could be that whole she's-also-a-best-selling-author thing)

3) Ed Barber ROCKS!

4) Brandilyn knows nothing about baseball

5) Tosca can eat two meals (whole meals, folks, not just snacking) within an hour of each time

6) Brad Waggoner and his wife Patti are awesome!

7) Karen Ball: "What was that white thing?" Julie Gwinn: "The baseball." LOL--don't even try to figure it out

8) Jim Rubart's so good, he skipped the game to work on edits. (I secretly think he was just doing his hair, but whatever)

9) Julie Gwinn never got us lost

10) The Christys and Tyson & Jeane Wynn....awesome...need I say more?

11) Me, Tosca & Susie Mae Warren with our agent, the amazing Steve Laube. But, uh, what WAS he thinking? **Note to all: not to worry...I took the knife away from Tosca

12) Steve: Thanks for the memories...hp!

13) Jim busting Steve on his rejection! LOL

14) Jim and his sign...that he took everywhere!

Here are some pics of this part of the tour. Stay tuned for part 3!

Our Christy table
See, Ted in our booth!
Ed Barber
Me & Julie @ the Cards game
Jim & his sign
With agent Steve Laube
WOOHOO-my bud, Ronie, signing
Jim signing
No explanation. At all.
Baseball game

Jim "confronting" Steve on his rejection of Jim's ROOMS

Until next post...keep smiling!

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