Monday, July 19, 2010

Thriller tour. Part One

First stop on the thriller tour was St Louis and surrounding areas. Things I learned on this part of the tour:

1). Tyson and Jeane Wynn are very special. And they own the box. I am in awe of the box.

2). Karen Ball is awesome. Fun. And does beautiful calligraphy. Enough said.

3). Ted Drewes makes the BEST custard (ice cream).

4). Booksignings are great fun when with 3 other amazing authors.

5). Julie Gwinn is nothing short of amazing. Period

6). Jim's hair must be perfect before he will leave the hotel. Tosca...not so much.

7). Robin and Tosca are all about the food. All the time.

8). What does Brandilyn's sig look like? Stretched out slinky. Don't ask.

9). Cab drivers have GPS systems in their cabs in this city. Not so much in NYC (more about this in another part)

10). Brandilyn is the social one of the group-not texting or face booking like the rest of us

11). We couldn't figure out how to use the elevator to get to another floor. Lol that one's for Tosca...don't ask. Lol

Here are some photos from the first leg of the tour. Stay tuned for part two...icrs

YUMMY custard!
Tosca food
Tosca food--AGAIN...told you it was all about the food with me & Tosca!

Julie Gwinn & Tyson Wynn
Tosca and food again! What'd I tell ya?
Jim & Brandilyn @ signing
Amazing Jeane Wynn

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