Monday, October 11, 2010

Interview with a former Gang Member-Part 3

More of my chat with *Joe*....

RC: Tell me about how you got out of the gang?

Joe: I got a nickel (5 years in prison) on a drug charge. I actually got off really light. But anyway, in the camp, I met someone like me...a kid who'd been in a gang the better part of his life. But this guy, he'd found Jesus--turned his life around.

RC: And that was attractive to you?

Joe: You have no idea. So, I start talking to him, one-on-one. He shares the gospel with me. Gives me a Bible. And I started reading. And believing. Soon, I proclaimed Jesus Christ my Lord.

RC: That's amazing.

Joe: It was. It is. So, anyway, after that, I realized I didn't need the gang anymore. I wanted out.

RC: So you just left?

Joe: Girl, you don't just leave a gang. Even telling another banger you want out is like issuing a death wish.

RC: But you were in prison, right?

Joe: As if that makes a difference? Gangs are just as active in prison as on the streets. Don't let the bars fool ya.

...stay tuned

Again, let me reiterate that *Joe* is speaking about his former life, before he turned his heart to God. I couldn't have gotten gang details accurate in my most recent release, Fear No Evil, if it weren't for *Joe*. I SO appreciate his honesty and openness in sharing his past.

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Dineen A. Miller said...

Great interview! Looking forward to more! :-)