Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why Do Kids Join Gangs?

My latest release,Fear No Evil, touches on the subject of gangs. One thing that intriqued me during the research was why children were attracted to gang life.

From Gang Task Force, there are several reasons kids join gangs. Here are some:
Gangs can meet needs that go unfulfilled in other aspects of a child´s life.
The gang can give a sense of security, structure and DISCIPLINE that is missing at home.
The gang appears to be loyal when others are not.
Lack of positive influence and interaction with parents.
Parents will often say their child does not respond to discipline and will not obey rules. However, every gang has rules and methods of discipline and those methods are usually brutal.Children need structure and discipline and will find it in a gang if it is not maintained at home. In this way, the gang becomes a surrogate family.

Gangs are real, people, and that's frightening. Being aware is the first step. Not just with your own children and family, but your community, your state...everywhere.

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