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By Dave Reynolds, Inclusion Daily Express
February 10, 2000

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Cook County prosecutors announced yesterday that one of the six murders for which Hubert Geralds was convicted was actually committed by another inmate.

Three years ago, Geralds was convicted of the 1994 murder of Rhonda King. Investigators had already linked Geralds to four murders through DNA evidence, but built charges in the King killing and one other murder on his confessions.

But ten days ago, police arrested Andre Crawford. During questioning, Crawford confessed to nearly a dozen murders, including King's. In fact, he gave a much more detailed confession than Geralds.

This brings into question several of Geralds' confessions. Prosecutors want to vacate or remove Geralds' six murder convictions, one attempted murder conviction and his death sentence.

During his 1997 trial, experts testified that Geralds' IQ was between 59 and 73. His attorneys claim that police "could have gotten him to go along with anything" because of his "extremely low intelligence".

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