Friday, August 17, 2012

Let's talk about forgiveness...

Okay, so my upcoming release, To Write A Wrong, has a strong theme of forgiveness. It's something we Christians struggle with. A lot. Some of us more than others. LOL

What about you? Do you forgive easily? Do you hold onto past hurts and wrong doings?

Me, personally, I have a really, really hard time forgiving sometimes. Other times, it's almost second nature. Hmmm...maybe I should look into that. LOL

Share your best forgiveness story OR your best defense for not forgiving. All comments will be entered into a drawing for a special freebie!


Effie Viola said...

Just before beginning my fifteenth year of teaching, I was suddenly, without explanation, transferred to another school in the district. I was curious about the transfer, but I accepted it without complaint. A teacher from my new school was transferred into my former assignment. She was very upset, and began to spread rumors about me and my performance that were not true. After she had time to cool off, she came to me and told me she was sorry and asked for my forgiveness. I freely forgave her. Little did either of us know, but God had a planned purpose for our new assignments. It was the best move for both of us.

Robin Caroll said...

I hear ya, Effie. Sometimes, it's really hard to understand. I think some things we aren't supposed to know this side of paradise. Period. It's the faith. Trusting that God has a plan regardless of how it seems to us.

Thanks for sharing