Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Familial DNA???

DNA is at the heart of Strand of Deception's plot. How do YOU feel about it?

“Being related to someone who once committed a felony is not a reasonable suspicion of a crime,” according to written testimony given the committee. “Using the DNA database to identify relatives of felons as suspects in a crime will subject innocent people to police scrutiny and all the collateral consequences which arise from criminal investigations.” 

Caroll, who leaned on her own experience having observed federal courtroom trials for several months to create the series, explores themes that include loss of faith, forgiveness, and guilt. Her first book in the series, Injustice for All, asked the question, “Who can you trust when all a person believes in is utterly destroyed?” against the backdrop of a federal judge’s murder.  In To Write a Wrong, readers see that God is always just as a young reporter struggles to free a man she believes is wrongly incarcerated.  “In every profession, including within the justice system, there are good and bad people,” Caroll says. “Deceit can build on itself and snowball out of control, but we can trust God totally.”

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