Friday, February 15, 2013

Hero Alert

Okay, I admit it...I fell in love with my hero from Strand of's a little snippet into his POV:

This was feeling less and less like a kidnapping and more and more like…what? Nick swallowed the sigh

and stood, staring out the expansive window overlooking a private garden before reaching for the 


The girl was beautiful, there was no doubt about that. Her skin was even lighter than her mother’s, her chocolate eyes wide, but not as wide as her smile showing off perfectly straight and white teeth. There was a freshness to her face…a reflection of genuine passion for life. Nick’s chest tightened at the mere word—passion. How long had it been since he’d felt passionate about much of anything?

Now, how can you NOT want to know more about him? lol

"Caroll delivers everything one would want in a suspense novel in the third Justice Seekers book. The main characters are especially likeable. The story really grabs you with just the right amount of tension and a little police procedure thrown in. Best of all is the thread of faith that runs through the series."~Romantic Times

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