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Strand of Deception Pre-Order

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Strand of Deception

Final Book in Justice Seekers Series


"Caroll delivers everything one would want in a suspense novel in the third Justice Seekers book. The main characters are especially likeable. The story really grabs you with just the right amount of tension and a little police procedure thrown in. Best of all is the thread of faith that runs through the series."~Romantic Times

The Baxter siblings, whose lives have formed the core of author Robin Caroll’s three-book Justice Seekers series, have allowed readers to glimpse the behind-the-scenes reality of the American justice system. The series draws to a close with Strand of Deception, releasing in March 2013. Strand of Deception delves into the highly charged topic of DNA testing, which in her novel both clears and condemns, but at what cost?

Praised by Romantic Times as a writer who knows what suspense readers want, Caroll has also garnered acclaim from fellow author Tosca Lee who says “Caroll knows how to keep readers turning pages.”

Susan May Warren, best-selling, award winning author says about Strand of Deception: "Strand of Deception reads like a riveting CSI and Law and Order episode, with a little Blue Bloods thrown in. A girl murdered, a supposed serial killer on the loose. From the first compelling  scene, through the red herrings and fascinating forensic analysis, Maddie and Nick’s search for the truth kept me up way into the night.  A can’t put down mystery with sweet romance  - the perfect combination!  A great ending to this fabulous series!"

Caroll, who leaned on her own experience having observed federal courtroom trials for several months to create the series, explores themes that include loss of faith, forgiveness, and guilt. Her first book in the series, Injustice for All, asked the question, “Who can you trust when all a person believes in is utterly destroyed?” against the backdrop of a federal judge’s murder.  In To Write a Wrong, readers see that God is always just as a young reporter struggles to free a man she believes is wrongly incarcerated.  “In every profession, including within the justice system, there are good and bad people,” Caroll says. “Deceit can build on itself and snowball out of control, but we can trust God totally.”

"Strand of Deception is Caroll at her best. Breathtaking suspense in a southern setting kept me flipping the pages, and the sweet romance left me smiling when I finished the book. No ones does romantic suspense like Robin Caroll. Highly recommended!" said Colleen Coble, author of Tidewater Inn and the Rock Harbor series.

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