Monday, February 23, 2015

Benton's Collection Folio

This week's crafting share: 

Here's the folio I made for my oldest grandson's first five years:

And the still photos of the project...

Front cover:
Open to inside--front page left side:

Left side, second page with 3 large photo mats, photo wallet, and 3 tags:

Left side, back pocket: page on left, then folder-style envelope for birthday pictures:

Right side: "page 1" with photos in envelope for 1 year old...the flaps on top and bottom have envelopes with more pictures and memorabilia:

"page 2" with photos in envelope for 2 years old :

"page 3" with photos in envelope for 3years old:

"page 4" with photos in envelope for 4 years old:

"page 5" with photos in envelope for 5 years old:

Back pages-include burlap and file folder pages:

Inside back cover-full pocket for memorabilia or more photos:

That's it. I LOVE how the folios look. Am working on mine right now, a large one. I think I'm going to put my writing stuff in it. Right now, I'm having fun working on the cover. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

Happy crafting!


Elmeda Drope said...

Do you have a tutorial on how to do this folio? Would love to make one for my grandkids!

Robin Caroll said...

I don't have a tutorial....I kinda make up as I go along. LOL But what I do is get the idea of what I want, then do my measuring and cutting first, then distressing the edges...laying it all out, sometimes taking pictures so I can remember what I want, then start assembling. With these, starting with the cover was a must. :)