Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Work in Progress...Progress!

Well, after a morning of procastinating, I completed chapter 8 and sent it to my crit partners. It wore me out! My total word count on this ms now? 22,500! Whew, no wonder I'm tired! LOL Now on to chapter nine????


Heather Diane Tipton said...

where's chapter nine? :-p

Ronie said...

Heather, be quiet!! LOL I can't crit until this weekend...maybe. Of course, if I'd quit avoiding my paper, it might actually get done.

But I knew I'd get in trouble if I didnt' read Robin's blog AND comment on it. LOL

Gina Holmes said...

Writing some chapters feels like cutting the grass with cuticle scissors. Just finished one of those myself. (chapters not scissors). Good work. Keep it up!

Camy Tang said...

wow, chapter 8 already? You're so inspiring. I'm going to go write now!