Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Snit of A Mood

Yeah, I'm in a foul mood today. Came over me last night, actually. In the form of an email. Yeah, I'm still pretty much ticked off today. No, not a rejection letter from an agent or editor (everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief here), just people being. . .well, people. Yet another reason I'm not real fond of them. LOL Okay, on the reason for my post....I need to hear some good news, folks! Something to brighten my day, do the snoopy dance for someone (btw, what exactly IS the snoopy dance?), celebrate that someone, somewhere is getting great news! So that's it...share your good news with me today! Help get me out of this mood! Come on, there's the COMMENT button down there...click it and make my day! Please?


:-)Ronie said...

Good news?? Um...how about I'm your crit partner?

oh...you said GOOD news. *grin*

I'm your friend and luvs ya sooo much. :-D

alright, alright--go make another pot of coffee and maybe you'll feel better.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

LOL Well see I was going to do the whole friend bit too but Ronie already beat me to it... well I did it in IM to you earlier. LOL

I had good news but you wouldn't take it as good news. WHATEVER

Michele said...

I saw your post on my blog, Robin.
I have to ask you, Have you checked out my test blog?
If not, be forewarned, it's not...um...Well, Judson found it and his comments made me blush so hard I think a hair strand turned red.
I believe he said that it "had more beef in it than a meat packaging plant."
So, if you are OK with looking at stuff like that...go pop an eyeball.
If not...I think I can find a joke around here somewhere. Emials have been slow around here lately.
Let me know.

Robin Caroll said...

Ronie and Heather, thanks guys! I luvs ya. Probably would be in a much fouler mood without you both! But no more coffee...four pots and my anger's still simmering. Wait...you didn't know I had a temper? Hmmm.....no comment! LOL

Michele...I LOVE your test blog! Definitely brought a smile to my face. Oh my! :)

c.rooney said...


Michele said...

You asked for it, Robin!
I updated my regular blog with YOU in mind.
It's all your fault!!

Anonymous said...

Good news? How about this: finally got a major transaction contract signed on Friday after 7 months of negotiation. It was getting pretty hot politically not having it done. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief. My tough work week ended on a high note.

Kelly Parra said...

Uh, I can't think of any right now, but I obeyed and clicked. hehe.

Anonymous said...


Dana Pollard said...

Hey, I'm going to the NOLA Conference with you. THAT you can be happy about! hehe

There ain't nuttin' like meetin' me, honey!

Shesawriter said...

Good news: I heard some about a friend of mine, but I can't say anything. LOL! Sorry.


Jeff said...

My grandfather used to say of someone who upset him, "That person gives me a pain I can't locate!" LOL

Camy Tang said...

Well, I thought your response to your email was really good. So I'm a little late to try to cheer you up. Wish there was something. Well, you know what I'm trying to say.


Michele said...

It's Wednesday, Robin.
Even Judson was commenting about the fact that YOU were missing fro the post dedicated to you.
He siad to "Prod you!"

Consider yourself Prodded! *wink*

Even blogger agreed! Today's verif. letters are:

Ron Estrada said...

I had a manager here at the plant ask if she could hire me to write her department newsletter. I'm making quite a name for myself around here as "that engineer who writes really good stuff."

Corina Bowen said...

The way I see it......... The bible DOES say that you can lay hands on people... and it says NOTHING about not doing it from a running start! So, girl if you didn't smack someone when you felt like it, your good!
Hope today is better!! :-)
If it's not try the above~ unless its me of course that's anywhere near ya!

Robin Caroll said...

C. Rooney....have a party over there for me! And take pix to post! :)

Thank you Michele.....I'm loving, loving loving it! :)

Woo Hoo Jason! That is great news! Congrats!

Kelly...welcome to my world! :) We can conmiserate together!

Thanks, Bonnie!

Dana! YES! I can't wait! Everybody who can, PLEASE come to the NOLA STARs conference...we're gonna have a blast and I'd sure like to meet many of you in "real" life! :)

Tanya...that's just teasing! Meanie! :)

Jeff....I think I'd like your grandfather! :)

Camy....thanks. Do you have some good news for me yet? Huh? Huh?

Michele...I did. I came, I saw, I drooled! Oh wait, wrong blog! LOL

Ron...very kewl! :)

Cornia.....good thoughts! Hmmm...who wants to stand next to me?

Nienke said...

The good news is you have the right to sit down in your favorite chair, read your favorite book, have a nice hot cup of tea, and as much chocolate as you can eat.
You've earned it!

CHickey said...

Well...I treasure our e-mail friendship! Is that enough? Two new people visited my website, read my first chapters and are going to buy my books. You can do the nose in the air, high-stepping, arm-pumping snoopy dance for both of those reasons!

Robin Caroll said...

Nienke...thanks for visiting my blog! :) Already did the chocolate...WAY too much of it! SIGH

Hey Cynthia...bout time you showed up around here again. Way to go on the new fans! :)