Saturday, June 30, 2007

My ACFW Memories

Hi, y'all! I've talked about the amazing opportunities of ACFW Conference coming up in September in Dallas--the classes, presenters, apppointments, etc. Today, I thought I'd share some personal memories with you, so those who've never been can see a more intimate side to the conference. Here are but a couple.

Nashville--"meeting" my CPs in person! Hugs galore! Meeting my mentor in person and realizing she's as amazing face-to-face as over email. Getting to "meet" Colleen's "girls" and being in awe of them and enjoying getting to know them. Having a blast with the perfect roomie-Pam, who didn't mind me waking her up LATE or EARLY, depending upon how you look at it. Placing in the Noble Theme--wow, that was pretty awesome. Sitting on my balcony with Camy and finding out she's so much more than a loud asian chick! LOL Getting hugs from Lena. Connecting with Heather, who's now one of my beloved cps. Flying from Chicago with Stuart and learning those sci-fi people aren't ALL that weird! LOL Tiff's slippers. Being prayed over by some amazing warriors assigned for that purpose. Seeing Rachel Hauck and being too scared to speak to her. Hello? PRESIDENT! LOL Hearing the worship band and having chills race down my spine. Learning to survive editor/agent appointments without passing out. Wishing I'd gone to the EB, come in a day early, stay a day later.

Dallas--getting to see my cps and mentor again. Except Ron, who didn't come! Bummer! Getting to stay with my roomie again, despite her almost not making it because of the hurricane hitting MS. Laughing at Kris' shoe issue. More hugs from Lena. Tiff's slippers-AGAIN. LOL The EB session with Deb & Colleen.....that's a memory all unto itself and I'm not sharing! LOL Starbucks in the hotel! WOO HOO. Ane and Dineen's table dancing-don't ask! LOL PRAYER ROOM. Seeing Cheryl win in the Genesis. Placing in the Genesis. Presenting the BTY awards! Not being afraid to speak to Rachel this year. LOL Getting to meet more people. Did I mention the prayer room? Laughing poolside with Dineen, Ronie, Heather, and Camy. Meeting "Kat" poolside.

These are just ones off the top of my head! There's so many more, some I'm not willing to share. You'll have to attend ACFW Conference and experience the magic yourself. You won't be sorry. If you're trying to make the decision, don't wait. Sign up NOW. Go to the website and look at the conference page! Trust me, it'll be something you keep for a lifetime!

Now, I'll be blogging July 11th and 12th.....with interviews of an editor and agent attending the ACFW conference and taking appointments. Come back and hear what they have to say about conference, from their perspective! You don't want to miss that!See you then!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog Award

Hey y'all, I've been bestowed the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award--WOO HOO--from the gals over at Girls Write Out. I'm supposed to send it on to 5 more blogging girls who rock! Here are my choices:

Dineen Miller
Ronie Kendig
Camy Tang
Heather Tipton
Cheryl Wyatt

Saturday, June 16, 2007

ACFW Conference

Yep, it's coming. Fast. And I can't wait.

What? The most awesome Christian fiction writers conference

When? September 20th-23rd 2007

Where? Dallas Texas

Who? Keynote speaker-James Scott Bell; Some of the presenters: Colleen Coble, Deb Raney, Rachel Hauck, Randy Ingermanson, Gail Gaymer Martin, Tricia Goyer, Brandt Dodson, Krista Stroever, Sue Brower, Jan Stob, Becky Nesbitt, Chip MacGregor, Steve Laube, Rebecca Germany, Kim Moore, Natasha Kern, Kristin Billerbeck, Kim Sawyer, John Olson, Gayle Roper, Robin Jones Gunn....just to name a few.

How? The largest grouping of Christian authors, agents, and editors in one location--all brought to you by ACFW!

Benefits? AWESOME worship--full time prayer room--amazing classes, workshops, and late night chats--agent and editors appointments with some of the most respected representatives in the industy--fabulous keynote speaker, James Scott Bell--prestigous awards ceremony featuring the winners of the ACFW Book of the Year awards, Genesis awards, Mentor of the Year award, Member Service award, Agent of the Year award, and Editor of the Year award--networking opportunities around every corner.

So....why haven't you registered yet? Oh, you need the link. Okay, here it is....visit ACFW's website to register. C'mon, what're ya waiting for?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Book Cover

Isn't it amazing? I LOVE IT!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Louisiana Division Children of the Confederacy

We got back home last night from my daughters' Children of the Confederacy convention. Exhausted and REALLY tired of driving, but we had a good time. My oldest daughter was elected President of the division, and my middle daughter was elected Chaplain of the division. My youngest is a page. My mother had the Robert E. Lee Award bestowed upon her. Being the proud mother/daughter that I am, I thought I'd share some pictures with y'all from the weekend.

Here's my oldest, Emily, being pinned as new division president...

Here's my middle daughter, Remington, who was elected division Chaplain, but served as a page at this convention:

Here's my youngest daughter, Isabella, doing her page duties:

Here's my mother, Joyce Bridges, being bestowed the Robert E. Lee Award:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

ACFW Conference....3 months away!

Okay, not EXACTLY 3 months, but September 20th is pretty close. I'm so excited I almost can't contain myself. And I'm really thinking about it today because I'm at a convention for my children--the Children of the Confederacy for the district of Louisiana. It's been really nice, and my mother was awarded the Robert E. Lee award (HUGE deal) and my oldest is running for President, my middle daughter is running for Chaplain, and my youngest will be a page again. But it's got me thinking about conference, and how soon I'll be heading to Dallas.

If you're a fiction writer, ACFW is THE conference to attend. Just go look at the website and see the great lineup of continuing sessions, workshops, late night chats, editors & agents, and keynote speaker just waiting for you. And the worship team....what can I say? Amazing! What other conference can you attend and attain such a wealth of information right along with such fellowship? I get chills just thinking about the conference!

Are you ready? I think I'm going to start packing!