Sunday, October 28, 2007

Final Set of Booksigning Pictures

Here are the final pictures from my booksignings and Bayou Bash. It was so much fun and I loved not only seeing my family and friends, but meeting readers!

Me and my cousin, Shannon

My cousin, Shannon, and one of my sisters, Bek (one of the hostesses for the BAYOU BASH

Me and my mom at the Barnes & Noble booksigning

The display at the BAYOU BASH

My baby girl, Bella, and the gator at the Bayou Bash

Me with my beautiful cake

Okay, my aunt Julie and cousin Shannon got a little goofy with the gator display at the Bayou Bash

Me with my three daughters and niece at the Barnes & Noble Booksigning (Don't you just LOVE the shirts?)

Booksigning Fun!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Booksigning Pix

Here are some more of the promised pix from the booksigning weekend! :D

Isn't my hubby amazing? He actually wore the shirt to the signings and walked around promoting me!

Me with Betsy, one of our wonderful ACFW moderators who came out in support! :D

The cake my sisters had made for me! Isn't it great?! And it tasted yummy, too! :D

For my BAYOU BASH, my sisters, mother, brother and sister-in-law set up the stage with props pertaining to my book. It was wonderful!

Okay, so at the BAYOU BASH, someone had books they wanted me to sign (since we sold out at B&N and Borders, some went to the WalMart stores and bought their copies) but I couldn't find my signing pen. Ronie "loaned" me this really cool one that lit up! So what if I have a pen fetish and kept the pen? I mean, seriously, it's a pen! LOL But no, I didn't give it back to Ronie. Still sitting here on my desk! :D

My doctor cousin, Shannon, surprised me by flying in from CA to attend the weekend "events."

My bestbud Trace, finally showed up for a signing! LOL

My oldest daughter, Emily, got a little silly at the end of the booksigning at Borders!

Me and my oldest daughter, Emily.

We were exhausted after events, so we snuck out to dinner....left to right: Dylan (Em's boyfriend), Emily, me, Ronie Kendig, Dineen Miller, and Cheryl Wyatt. We won't EVEN discuss the waitress we had for the night, but I will tell you this....Ronie might be still waiting on mayo and Cheryl doesn't get coasters! LOL

Monday, October 15, 2007


My Wonderful sisters and mother (waving at BB, Bek & Mom) set me up with an amazing BAYOU BASH to celebrate the release of Bayou Justice! Not only that, but I had two booksignings in Louisiana over the weekend. I sold out at both Barnes & Noble and Borders.....selling almost 100 books! WOO are just a few photos! I'll be posting more during the week!

Cheryl Wyatt, who flew in from IL to attend my weekend "events"

Local author, Lenora Worth, showed up in support!

The signing setup at Borders!

The booksigning at Barnes & Noble

Betsy brought others to the signing!

Me signing with my niece, Krystina, looking on! :D

At Borders Signing

Four writers: Dineen Miller, Ronie Kendig, Cheryl Wyatt, and me!

Bayou Justice's latest review....

This debut novel by Robin Caroll is terrific. It is the first in a series and I can’t wait for the next installment. Her vivid descriptions, great dialog and intense, well-drawn, characters take the reader to the Bayou. This is a wonderful mixture of inspiration and suspense. And a great plot keeps you guessing until the end.--Lisa, Romance Junkies

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cajun KickOff Contest

Set of 4 plates from Old Navy,
alligator soap,
misc crawfish stuff,
stuffed alligator,
gumbo mix,
Cajun seasoning “rub”,
jambalaya mix,
Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning,
Tony Chachere’s Creole Roux mix,
red beans & rice mix,
and Louisiana Hot Sauce, of course!

See my website on the CONTEST PAGE for details on how to win!!!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog Tour

Hey, y’all! I’m pleased to announce my blogtour promoting the release of my first book, BAYOU JUSTICE. Please drop by the following blogs and visit a bit!

Oct 1 Ronie Kendig will be reviewing Bayou Justice on her blog

Oct 2 Heather Diane Tipton will host me on her blog as I discuss my spiritual journey

Oct 3 Camy Tang hosts me as I discuss southern cooking and how I used that to “flavor” the setting of Bayou Justice

Oct 4 Linda Fulkerson will interview me on her blogs and

Oct 5 Girls Write Out is hosting me and allowing me to gab with the girls on their blog

Oct 6 Cara Putnam is featuring me on her blog

Oct 7 Ane Mulligan will host me on her blog

Oct 8 Cynthia Hickey is featuring me on her blog

Oct 9 Dineen Miller hosts me on her blog

Oct 10 Novel Journey is interviewing me

Oct 11 Pam Meyers will feature me on her blog

Oct 12 Tracey Aaron (best bud extraordinaire) will feature me on her space!

Oct 13 Sabrina Fox-Butcher is hosting me on her blog

Oct 14 Pammer James is featuring me on her blog

Oct 15 Cheryl Wyatt is hosting me on her blog

Oct 16 Hope Chastain is interviewing me on her blog

Oct 17 Tiff Stockton is interviewing me on her blog

I’d love it if you’d visit me on these blogs!

Bayou Justice Scores Another Review...

Caroll has hit one out of the park with her debut novel.

Best thing about this book: the characters. They are well-rounded, conflict-filled, and real. And Caroll doesn't hold anything back - each character takes the reader along for an emotional journey.

Second best thing about this book: the unusual setting. The bayou and southern feel created by Caroll draw the reader into the story, while her carefully crafted descriptions don't overwhelm with bulky paragraphs of text.

I can't wait for the next book in this series! -Lacy J. Williams, The Suspense Zone

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Review of Bayou Justice....

BAYOU JUSTICE is an engaging story that is hard to put down. In fact Iʼd call this a must read for every reader who loves a good suspense story flavored with romance. The characters are realistic and engaging, with interesting fun new careers that will have readers completely enthralled. The setting is fascinating and so well written youʼll feel as though you are there. The mystery is strong, youʼll be second-guessing yourself until the end.

The romance between Coco and Luke is both refreshing and delightful. Add in the messages of faith and how seeds are sown, and you have a Christian romantic suspense that is hard to beat. Ms. Caroll has written a story that will find its way onto readers keeper shelves and will be recommended to others often. Book two, BAYOU CORRUPTION, coming in February 2008 is sure to be a winner as well; itʼs certainly a book I plan to pick up as quickly as I can. If you want a story that will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, and trying to solve a mystery, then pick up BAYOU JUSTICE today, you wonʼt be sorry!

Reviewed by Wendy Keel, The Romance Readers Connection
Rating 4 ½

Infuze Mag Reviews Bayou Justice

Bayou Justice is Robin Caroll's debut novel, released under the Love-Inspired Suspense line by Steeple Hill. In other words, it's very much a Christian novel, with overt Christian themes - salvation, marriage of believers to unbelievers, spirituality in fairly large doses. And, to be fair, I think the book is a fair bit more love-inspired than it is suspense.

Coco LeBlanc is an alligator conservationist (one of the longest job titles I've ever come across, but it's just what it sounds like), as well as a recent convert to Christianity out of her family's voodoo heritage. She still lives with her grandmother and younger sister, though, so her battle against the old ways underpins much of the novel. She's also the discoverer of a very dead body - an old man who'd just threatened to evict her, her sister, and her grandmother from their home.

She's also the former fiancée of Luc Trahan, the old man's grandson. Luc has his own set of motives to kill his granddad, ranging from unethical business practices, suspicion in Luc's father's death, and career differences. And, of course, Luc and Coco fight the timeless battle of Ross-and-Rachel . . . you know the one, those two crazy kids who can't seem to get it together and get together?

It was hard to evaluate this book, because I'm probably not the primary audience. As a Stephen King, Joseph Finder, James Patterson, secular thriller loving guy, the whole struggling couple thing was a bit of a turn-off. And, I prefer a lot more suspense around the crime in a book, whereas much of the suspense in this book revolved around the relationships.

All that said, it was very tightly written, with realistic characters. They had moments of melodramatic conversation - I read "unequally yoked" far too many times in a normal conversation - but by and large, the characters felt real and fleshed out. Caroll keeps the pace moving well for a character-driven romance, and the elements of suspense were shadowed and cloaked in enough threads to leave you guessing.

I'd heartily recommend this to anyone who enjoys romance, lighter suspense tales, or Christian mysteries. If you're looking to be entertained, to meet some new Louisiana personalities, and be charmed by the locale of the bayou, pick up Bayou Justice. If you're looking for hardcore suspense, you might try Colleen Coble on the Christian side, or Joseph Finder on the secular side. -- Brett McLaughlin, Infuze Magazine