Thursday, October 21, 2010

Youth Ending Violence

From Chain of Change: Youth activists and adult allies are invited to join Chain of Change by participating in a public art installation symbolizing a movement to end violence. In partnership with the Center for Community Arts Partnerships and Lawrence Minksy's Ad Agency class at Columbia College, Beyondmedia has created silicone "awareness" bracelets with the debossed words, "Youth Against Violence -," to raise awareness of the violence affecting young people in Chicago. These bracelets will be sold for $1 throughout Chicago at Chain of Change events and in select cities across the country.

Each time a bracelet is sold, a "receipt" will be generated, which includes the buyer's name, location, and a personal message relating to how violence has affected their life. These receipts will become a long paper chain, which will be installed at an outdoor venue near Columbia College. The "Wrap the Park in the Chain of Change" opening event will feature youth speakers, music and performance fall 2010.

Working together, we CAN reduce gang activity! I hope my latest release, Fear No Evil, will help raise awareness of gangs and some of their recruiting methods.

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