Monday, July 02, 2012

Injustice for All Review

Federal judge, Daniel Tate, lies dying in his home office, betrayed by those who help him bring criminals to justice. The killers think the judge is home alone… Remington Wyatt, the goddaughter of Daniel Tate, was home and recognized the killers. She sets off the alarm for security before she reaches Daniel. Prior to the arrival of the police, she promises to take the contents of his safe as he breathes out his last dying wish. Out of fear for her life, she takes the contents and does the only thing that she knows to do … run! She vows, however, to find justice for his death, as this is personal. FBI agent, Rafe Baxter, is transferred to a different Federal office due to cutbacks in staff. There, he’s assigned to work cold cases. The Daniel Tate murder is the first one assigned. What he finds in the case baffles him, and leads him to the town of Hopewell, Louisiana. He’s also baffled by the whims of women, not knowing how to handle them. Robin Caroll, in Injustice for All, brings on the suspense from the very first page, leaving you terrified for Remington, wondering if the killers see her. I found myself almost holding my breath for her as she attempts to remain hidden. The loving touch of Remington as she holds Daniel before he expires is heart-wrenching, yet tender. I could feel the urgency in his voice as he pleads with her to take the safe contents. Robin’s plot twists keep you glued to the book, as they spin into directions you don’t expect. The first scene is just a teaser to envelop you into the characters and scenarios. Her characters are complex, manipulative, interesting, and sometimes even delightful. The terror and danger of the circumstances keep you wondering how Robin will pull it all together. But pull it together, she did! The suspense is heart-stopping at times, causing your to stop and catch your breath! The romance almost has you laughing at times, as Rafe does not know how to conduct himself. Robin has several themes that reverberate throughout the book: love, fear, trust, forgiveness, faith in God, and surrender. There are lessons for all to learn from. For a great murder/suspense book, be sure to pick up Robin’s current book, Injustice For All. Check out her website listed below for a list of her other suspense-pounding books. This book was provided by Susan Sleeman of The Suspense Zone in exchange for my honest review. No monetary compensation was exchanged

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Lauren Smith said...

This sounds like a good book! Thanks for the review! I love suspense/thriller books. I recently finished "The Rx Factor" by author J. Thomas Shaw. This is a fiction medical thriller, which is about a failed cancer researcher who meets a female scientist who reignites his passion and interest in medical researcher when she decides to open a low cost clinic in Mexico for terminally ill patients. She plans to offer them an experimental medication. An explosion on the island leads them into a journey of twists and turns as they discover that the United States Government will stop at nothing to block their efforts.