Saturday, October 22, 2005

Supposed to be writing, but I'm too lazy

Hi all! Just woke up from a nap with the kiddos. SHOULD be starting chapter two of my new wip....I'm getting pretty excited about this story...I'm dealing with some tough global issues and I'm pretty intense about it! Imagine that--me, intense? LOL Since my hubby's out of town, I opted for the nap today so I can stay up most of the night and write. Well, that's the plan anyway. Watched MONSTER IN LAW on dvd last night...was actually quite amusing. I've sent chapter one of my wip to my crit buddies/readers....hope to get a response back from them to see if it's hitting its "mark". I hate first few chapters, did I mention that? I end up changing them oh about midway through the book anyway, so you would think I wouldn't stress....but noooooo, I do! LOL But hey, God is good and He loves me, so I went ahead and left it and sent it to my readers! We'll see.


Ron Estrada said...

Welcome to the funny farm! As long as you're doing nothing, make sure you add a link to my blog on your site!

Camy Tang said...

Hey, welcome to the blogosphere!

CHickey said...

I was feeling guilty about being too lazy to write, lately. Thanks for making me feel better. My blogspot is