Friday, December 16, 2005

Good News....I think

Hello all! It must be that time of year. Well, for members of ACFW who pitched at conference and submitted requests in September anyway. Rejections/requests for fulls seem to be coming in almost on a daily basis. I've had a few rejections--funny how a couple of years ago that might have really upset me. Now that I'm learning my books are NOT me, but are a product I'm trying to sell, I don't take them personally. I do, however, nitpick them apart to try and gleam some understanding and feedback to make my story better. But, back to my subject.

Yesterday I received an email from an editor. A really, really nice editor (no Ron, I mean it! LOL--sorry, inside joke) who said he was interested in my submission, but asked for a major rewrite. If willing to do so, I could then resubmit the entire ms to him upon revision completion. At first, I was elated...excited. Then, the negativity crept up my spine. Was I reading more into this email than what was really there? What's an unpublished writer to think? What should I do? Lucky for me, I've been blessed with an AWESOME MENTOR (waving wildly at Colleen) who I quickly emailed and asked. Well, when she came back excited for me, my excitement surged again.

Long story short....I won't be making much progress on my current wip nor on the revisions I've been working on. I'll be undergoing a major revision on an 80K manuscript. I'll add up the chart today of that progress. OH....and the editor also requested I come up with some suggestions for alternate titles. of my major weaknesses....then again, isn't that what I have crit partners for??? LOL

So, what are YOU working on and how's YOUR progress????????


donna said...

hey girlie...just stopping by to say hello and merry christmas! the card WILL be coming but it will be REALLY close to "C" Day! ;)

glad to hear you surived your computing crisis... we have two desktops and a laptop and sometimes it still doesnt seem like enough!

Heather Diane Tipton said...
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Heather Diane Tipton said...

I'm working on all kinds of crap thank you very much!

Jennifer Tiszai said...

That's great news, Robin. I have also had that experience and found the rewrite made for a much stronger book.

Robin Caroll said...

Well, I'm really looking forward to doing these rewrites! I'm out of town this weekend, but plan to be hitting it hard come Monday!

Rachel Hauck said...

Robin, that's really, really great! I'm very excited for you. :)


Camy Tang said...

That is so awesome!!! Heather told me about the request, but not the requested revisions.

Ultimately, I think you should go with what you feel would best represent your writing style. Editors don't deliberately set out to remake writers in their image or voice, but sometimes suggestions don't feel right. I know you're brutally honest with yourself, and you'll be able to know what revisions will make the story better and what will compromise your voice.

As for the title suggestions--join the club! Did I tell you my "best" title suggestion? It was for my suspense series - THE DRAGON QUEENS. I was mighty proud of myself until my friends started making transvestite jokes.