Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Look!

Hey all! Isn't my new blog look WONDERFUL? Custom designed just per my request, Heather at OUT THERE AUTHOR SERVICES simply ROCKS! If you're looking for someone to set up your blog--affordably, I can't recommend Heather highly enough! Here's their site...

Move on into the new year with great pizazz....start that blog, or revamp it!


Rachel Hauck said...

Very cool, Robin. I like it!


eileen said...

Looking good! Especially the colors. Niccce.

Michele said...

Since I've no idea what it looked like before, I'll just say that it looks GREAT!!!!
Very Wow.

BTW-Robin...I think between you and I, we prodded Judson enough that he left a note on my blog. He said he'd post in a few days.
We Rock!

I'm so glad we didn't have to go to the next step and email him.
I don't know his email.
Some prod that would have been, hmmm?
Unless YOU know it?
Ooooh, holdin' out on me ...
no wonder you write suspense! *grin*

Dineen A. Miller said...

Love the background girl! Great look.

Kelly Parra said...

Cool new look, Robin!! Woo--just in time for the New Year!!

Dana Pollard said...

I love the eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Great look, Robin.

One small thing. Your mouse over color for black colored links is white. That's fine when the links are on a color background, but it causes the ones on the white backgrounds to disappear. Maybe just change those little white backgrounds to something else.

Robin Caroll said...

Hey Michele, I actually DO have Judson's email addy....if he doesn't post soon, want me to give it to you?? LOL

Judson Knight said...

Great-looking blog, Robin! And you and Michele are TOOOOOO funny! Thanks for prodding me to post again--which I'm going to do in the next few days. (At the moment, it's very hard to write anything, because my three-year-old is in my study, "working" with me, which of course means endless interruptions. Just now she said, "But I don't know how to draw a flower!") BTW, feel free to give Michele my email address.

Mel Francis said...

I'm back from the holiday and making my rounds and what do I find??? Robin's new look.

It's great! I really like it.

I hope you and your family had a rocking holiday!

Mother said...

the update looks very good. That Heather must be very talented cause she surely did a great job. Pass along my congrats to her on being able to take what you wanted & make it happen. Love all the new work.

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic, Robin!!! :)

Heather Diane Tipton said...

Awwww look Robin! Your mom likes me! hey, is this the first she has commented on your blog??? And it was all about me??? :p

Robin Caroll said...

Thanks, Rachel!

Thanks, Eileen...I drove Heather INSANE with my, uh...pickiness! LOL

Michele, thanks....if you want to click on the little icon DESIGNED BY HEATHER, it'll take you right to Out There Author Services....great work! Oh, I'm so waiting for Judson to post! LOL

D--is it not me, or what? LOL

Kelly...and I updated my website to match my blog! Go visit at www.robinmillerbooks.com

Dana--Heather had to graph the eye graphics togehter and play with them. I put them on my website, too! :)

Jason..thanks! Heather read your comments and fixed the problem real quick! Now folks, THAT's service!

Judson! Welcome back to blog-land! You've been missed! We're waiting on that post! :)

Mel...so glad you're back! I missed ya for the past few days! Hope you had a GREAT New Year!

MOM! Yea, everyone, that's my momma posting! And Heather, she's just being nice...she knows I'm very picky and probably feels sorry for you having to put up with me saying over and over "yeah, I like that...but...could you change..." LOl

Bonnie...thanks! I'm SO happy with it!

Jeff said...

I like the new look! :)

Robin Caroll said...

Thanks, Jeff....I LOVE it, even if Heather never speaks to me again! :)