Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Title Selection

Okay guys, I went through the suggestions, and with a little help from a friend, here are the top 5 choices for the title of my RS, formerly entitled ONSLAUGHT OF THE WICKED. Please vote and let me know your choice. For every vote cast, I'll enter that person into a drawing for a free book from my vault! So, get to voting! Thanks!

What is your choice for the title of my RS wip?
Smoldering Ice
Black Ice
Fire & Ice
Ice Cloud
Dark Ice


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Dana Pollard said...

What about Pink Ice? I was gonna mention something with Hope again, but that isn't her name...

Do I win? lol

ValMarie said...

Are we supposed to tell you here that we voted?

jason evans said...

Fire & Ice is a jewelry store chain around here, FYI. ;)

I think "Dark" is more poetic than "Black." So my vote was "Dark Ice."

Jennifer Tiszai said...

I always have loved the word smoldering. I love the contrast with Smoldering Ice, so that got my vote

:-)Ronie said...

Okay, but I'm wondering with the whole ice thing...dunno. LOL I like "Fire" because it's a turning point in the story.

This is fun!!

Robin Caroll said...

LOL, Ronie.....ICE is the "street" term for diamonds! LOL

:-)Ronie said...

yes, dearie, i know, but it just doesn't "fit" this story...at least not to me which doesn't mean squat. LOL

BTW: I love your blog's new look! WAY KEWL!

Camy Tang said...

Pink ice is kind of cute...

I checked on Amazon, and there are NO titles called "Dark Ice" plus it sounds nice and creepy so I voted for that.

"Fire and Ice" sounds like a bodice-ripper, Miss "I can't stand hystericals."


Michele said...

I voted for Dark Ice.
When I see Fire and Ice , all I can think of is Pat Benetar and then I can't get the song out of my head....geesh!

Ooooh,Word verif has me typing
U Spank ....*shiver*

Lynetta said...

I haven't read the MS, but I have to say that Dark Ice intrigued me most. It's like black ice only...scarier.

Robin Caroll said...

LOL, Michele! Now you have ME singing the song! LOL....some of the word verifications crack me up!

Lynetta.....thanks.....it's fun to get the input!

Welcome valmarie! You don't have to admit to what you voted for if you don't want to! :)