Sunday, January 15, 2006

What Now?

Ever had a rejection, that didn't really read like a rejection, and you just sit in utter confusion? That your reply didn't include words such as "regretfully", "no thanks", "I'm sorry", or "unfortunately"......So you feel like banging your head against the keyboard asking "is this a straight rejection?". When do you scratch that name off your submission list, cry and pout, but move on? UGH. For me, I'm just going to work on polishing the chapters that an editor requested. Specific editorial changes he requested. Like the re-titling. Which, reviewing his email again, I need to come up with alternate titles for the other 2 books in that series. Hmmm...I'll have to post a one sentence summary on those and get some suggestions.


Anonymous said...


:-)Ronie said...

Reek the curse! *grin* Keep going, Robin. You've got what it takes, and when this thing hits, you're going to blow it all wide open. We've got your back, girl!

Shesawriter said...


Rejections suck. Big time. But you've got the editor nibble so concentrate on that. Keep your eye on the prize.


Camy Tang said...

I'm SO sorry, Robin. Like Ronie said, you've got what it takes!

CHickey said...

Who rejected you? Want me to beat them up? Sorry. Been hanging around kids in detention too long. Well, they say rejection makes us stronger. I've biceps the size of Schwarzzeneger's! (I know. I spelled it wrong). Sorry, girl.

Kelly Parra said...

Maybe it's not a rejection, but a possibility to submit another project. Sorry, it's a tough one, Robin.

Concentrate on the editor!