Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Thankful...

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I'd list some of the things in my life I'm thankful for.
I'm thankful that Jesus died for me--that all my sins are forgiven and that my eternal life is paid for.
I'm thankful for the provisions God has bestowed upon me and my family.
I'm thankful for my husband, who I love beyond distraction and is my soulmate.
I'm thankful for my 3 beautiful daughters, who are truly blessings from God.
I'm thankful for my family's health.
I'm thankful for my extended family--parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, aunts & uncles, cousins, etc. These people helped shaped who I am and enrich my life.
I'm thankful for my longtime friends--these wonderful people who know all my faults, and love me in spite of them.
I'm thankful for my friends in the writing community...who bless me with their friendship.
I'm thankful for my awesome prayer warriors. These women are a daily blessing to me.
I'm thankful for my mentor and friend, who guides me with honesty and love.
I'm thankful for my cps, who are also my dear friends and can tell me my writing isn't what it should be.
I'm thankful for my agent, who believes in me and encourages me all the time. And kicks me in the pants when needed.
I'm thankful for my editor, who believed in my story and has such awesome insight.
But mostly, I'm thankful that God created this wonderous world we live in, despite the bad things. I can look at a sunset and see His fingertips brushing the canvas. I can see His miracles all around me, in everyday life. And yes, I'm thankful. I'm blessed.

Hope each of you and yours has a blessed Thanksgiving.


:-)Ronie said...

What a fabulous post, Robin!! We all have so very much to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding us.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, girlie! LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Robin :)

Ron Estrada said...

I'm thankful for the brutal honesty of my cp's! After I had a moment of self mental abuse yesterday, I got to work and made it all better. I mean, really, without y'all I'd send that crap off to an editor!

Oh, and I'm thankful for Christmas light gutter hooks. And gutters.

Heather Diane Tipton said...

awwww totally thankful for you

CHickey said...

Thank you, Robin.

Jeff said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Robin! :)

Michele said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Kelly Parra said...

Very touching, Robin. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Pam Hillman said...

I'm thankful for the links on Robin's blog. I can never find where I need to go without them! lol

Heather Diane Tipton said...

lol that's so sad Pam

Dineen A. Miller said...

I'm thankful for the day you emailed me and ivited me to join your crit group. I not only got a great crit partner, but an amazing friend too!