Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodbye Denver

This morning I leave Denver, and all of the 2009 conference behind. (Well, for the most part anyway) I take with me a bunch of memories. Here are but a few:
Hey, Sara...God don't like ugly.
Pam, the piddlin' puppy
Twinkle Toes Cyn
Steve....fishnets & stalkers
And so, so many more. Each year, I gain something special from conference. Something that's just for me. This year was no different. Maybe it's the prayers. Maybe it's the presence of our Lord. Or maybe it's the set time God can get my attention.

So I head back home today, anxious to see my family, but taking with me wonderful memories that will keep me energized and charged to push forward until we get to do it all again next September.

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