Monday, September 28, 2009

ACFW Conference Reflections...AND PICTURES

I arrived home safe and sound, but exhausted. Am beginning to already work on the 2010 conference. Whew! It's a constant. But I think there was something special about this past conference. The feeling. The fellowship. Everything.

I wasn't able to take many pictures, but would like to share a few that I did manage to get:

Karen Ball and Julie Gwinn, from B&H Publishing during their class

Me with a sweet and talented lady, Tosca Lee, also a member of the B&H family

Me with Kim Moore from Harvest House. Kim is such a sweet, sweet lady

Buds after the banquet: me, Dineen Miller, Ronie Kendig, Sara Mills...all my great friends, fabulous ladies, and very talented hanging out with these gals

Me and Sara Mills, who cracks me up. Had a blast with her.

Me and Pam Hillman, my roomie and good friend. She's an awesome brainstorming partner, too! Not so great with turning on the shower or using the ironing board, though. LOL :D

Me and the brilliant Appointment Coordinator, Wanda Dyson, who is also a very dear friend and gifted writer

Me and Kat...web guru, good friend, and normally stuck "behind the scenes"

And last but not least, with Sydney Wiley, our amazing conference planner and my good friend.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Goodbye Denver

This morning I leave Denver, and all of the 2009 conference behind. (Well, for the most part anyway) I take with me a bunch of memories. Here are but a few:
Hey, Sara...God don't like ugly.
Pam, the piddlin' puppy
Twinkle Toes Cyn
Steve....fishnets & stalkers
And so, so many more. Each year, I gain something special from conference. Something that's just for me. This year was no different. Maybe it's the prayers. Maybe it's the presence of our Lord. Or maybe it's the set time God can get my attention.

So I head back home today, anxious to see my family, but taking with me wonderful memories that will keep me energized and charged to push forward until we get to do it all again next September.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Post Conference

I'm still a little amazed at how fast conference went. From the time the staff and faculty landed, we've been going full-tilt. But it's been a blessing to see how successful the conference was and how many people were truly blessed and touched by attending.

As for me, I got to meet with my awesome marketing director, Julie Gwinn, and be blown away by her energy and enthusiasm. I got to meet face-to-face with my brilliant editor, Julee, and discuss my novel with her. I got to spend time with my acquiring editor, the uber-genius Karen Ball, who is always a blessing to be around. And I got to spend some time with my B&H family: Karen, Julie, Julee, Tosca, Jim, Leanna, Patti, John, and Pam. What a true blessing these people are and such a joy to be around. I got to have a meeting with my agent and discuss some career options. And I got to share time with some of my best buds ever: Dineen, Ronie, Sara, Pamster, Cheryl, Camy, Cara, Rachel and Heather. I got to work with Sydney Wiley, Kat, and Allison, Michelle behind the scenes and laugh a lot. And I got to spend some time with the president, Cynthia, and enjoy her heart for the Lord. And that's not counting the blessing of spending time with Brandilyn in the prayer room and Colleen's hugs.

I won't even try to describe how awesome the classes were. I hope to post up pictures later in the week. But for now....a nap is in order. Then tonight--start planning next year's conference.

Friday, September 18, 2009

ACFW Conference-Friday

Wow, it's amazing how busy I've been. Thursday night opening of conference was amazing. The worship music...awesome and the fellowship astounding.

This morning began with the Continuing Education sessions. I attended Karen Ball & Allen Arnold's advanced fiction university, I'm blown away with information overload.

Got to see my agent and sit with him at supper last night. Very cool. Nice and relaxed.

Got to meet my brilliant editor, Julee Schwarzburg....she's as beautiful in person as she is genius in editing.

Now to meet with the marketing director at B&H, Julie Gwinn, who is nothing short of brilliant either. And her energy and enthusiasm blows me away.

I'm so blessed to work with these people and to have the opportunity to see them all at the ACFW conference. Debbie Macomber's keynote addresses have been beautiful and moving. Donald Maass's early bird session yesterday had minds spinning. All in all, a wonderful conference so far. And to already be hearing about the miracles God's orchestrating in the prayer room...awesome.

More later....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACFW Conference Prep-Day One, Tuesday

Tuesday, 7:30am, Denver, CO
Awoke this morning at the beautiful Marriott Denver Tech Center hotel to a gloriously beautiful Denver morning. Temps in the 60s or so this morning. Stood out on the balcony and marveled at the beauty as the sun crept into the sky.

Quick breakfast of fruit and coffee, then on to get ready for the day...on the agenda:
1-pre-con meeting with the hotel to discuss expectations and let them know a little about our group
2-meeting with rooming coordinator to go over final reservations list
3-work with wonderful event planner, Sydney Wiley, and begin setting up the ACFW conference office

Busy day planned....but will be so worth it for the conferees' smooth conference